NeuroGenetic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

NeuroGenetic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotech company, offers gamma-secretase modulators for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. It provides NGP 555, a small molecule modulator…

MedAnnex Ltd

Innovative Scottish biotechnology company developing novel antibody therapies to extend and improve the lives of people with autoimmune diseases

TeneoBio Inc.

TeneoBio, Inc. is developing a new class of biologics, Human Heavy Chain Antibodies (UniAbs), as therapeutics against cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases.

Themis Bioscience GmbH

Themis has developed a sophisticated vaccine platform and broad pipeline based on the advanced understanding of immune system mechanisms. Initially focused on preventing…

Nerx Biosciences

NĒRx Biosciences Inc. dedicated to the discovery and development of targeted therapeutics for cancer. Its focus is a new generation of cancer drugs that target specific cellular…

Synedgen, Inc.

Synedgen develops, manufactures and markets antimicrobial therapies, preventive infection treatments and environmental products.

Nimbus Therapeutics

Nimbus' integrate computational chemistry and other advanced technologies to design breakthrough medicines and transform drug development.

Plex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Plex Pharmaceuticals is a scientifically-driven company with a vision to improve the lives of patients afflicted with complex diseases and disorders including but not limited to…