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Voyager Therapeutics is a clinical stage gene therapy company developing life-changing treatments for Parkinsons disease, a monogenic form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Friedreichs ataxia and Huntingtons disease via Gene therapy.

Voyager was founded by world leaders in the fields of AAV gene therapy, expressed RNA interference (RNAi) and neuroscience, with initally funding from Third Rock Ventures.

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75 Sidney St., MA 02139
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In Dec 2014, MassBiologics and Voyager collaborates to establish new Vector Manufacturing Center in Fall River for recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vector products. MassBiologics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School is the only publicly owned, non-profit FDA-licensed manufacturer of vaccines and other biologic products in the United States.

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Voyager is selecting and optimizing adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors that are best suited for each of its product programs and systematically evaluating potential product components to design vectors that are best suited for a particular disease.

In June 2014, Voyager acquires, non-exclusive worldwide rights to REGENX Biosciences proprietary NAVë vectors for the treatment of ALS, FA and HD for an undisclosed upfront payment. NAV vector technology includes novel AAV vectors rAAV7, rAAV8, rAAV9, and rAAVrh10.

In Feb 2015, Sanofis Genzyme and Voyager signed a deal, and under the terms Genzyme will have the option to license several programs following completion of an initial proof-of-concept human clinical trial. However, Voyager will retain all U.S. rights to its lead product programs in Parkinsons disease (VY-AADC01) and Friedreichs ataxia (VY-FXN01). Voyager will split U.S. profits with Genzyme for the Huntingtons disease program (VY-HTT01). In turn, Genzyme made $100 Mn upfront payment ($65 Mn in cash, a $30 Mn in equity) to Voyager. Also, Voyager is eligible to receive future potential development and sales milestone payments of up to $745 Mn, as well as tiered royalties on product sales.

In Jan 2019, Voyager to receive funding of $165M from Neurocrine for neurological gene therapies. Neurocrine committed  $1.7Bn in milestones in return for Parkinson’s disease program VY-AADC and other assets.

In Feb 2018, Voyager received $69Mn in cash up front from AbbVie. Under the deal Voyager will develop adeno-associated viruses gene therapy delivery tools known as viral vectors that shuttle genetic instructions into the brain to help treat Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases.