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TeneoBio, Inc. is developing a new class of biologics, Human Heavy Chain Antibodies (UniAbs), as therapeutics against cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases.

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Teneobios discovery platform, TeneoSeek, comprises genetically engineered animals (UniRatë and OmniFlicë), next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and high-throughput vector assembly technologies. The antibodies were generated using TeneoSeek, a proprietary antibody discovery engine comprising genetically engineered animals, next-generation sequencing and high throughput vector assembly technologies. Selected anti-CD3 antibodies from this platform can be incorporated in bi- or multi-specific antibodies for targeted tumor cell killing, with significantly reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine release.

In July 2018, TeneoBio entered into licensing agreement with Janssen Biotech, to develop novel multi-specific antibodies for undisclosed oncology targets. Under the terms, Teneobio will generate product candidates using its proprietary UniRatë platform and its sequence-based discovery engine, TeneoSeek. For resulting therapeutic candidates, Janssen would have exclusive global licensing rights to the antibodies for clinical development and commercialization. Financial terms remains undisclosed.

In Jan 2018, TeneoBio, signed agreement with TESARO, Inc., to develop novel up to six multi-specific antibodies for undisclosed oncology targets. Under the terms, Teneobio will generate product candidates using its proprietary UniRatë & TeneoSeek platform TESARO will have exclusive licenses to the antibodies for clinical development and commercialization on a global basis. Teneobio received an upfront of $10 Mn and is eligible for research fees and up to $50 Mn in development milestones per product. Teneobio would also receive royalties on world_wide net sales of each multi-specific product. Additional terms were not disclosed.

In Jun 2017, Selexis SA and TeneoBio, entered into a service agreement to advance the development of UniAbs Targeting Cancer. Under the agreement, TeneoBio will leverage Selexis proprietary SUREtechnology Platform_ to develop and optimize the cellular expression of multi-specific UniAbs_ that were discovered using TeneoBios proprietary sequence-based TeneoSeek discovery engine and UniRatë Human Heavy-Chain Antibody Platform.

In May 2017, Teneobio and Poseida Therapeutics, Inc. announce License agreement for the Use of UniDab_ in CAR T-Cell Therapy. Under the terms of the agreement Poseida has commercial rights to UniDabs_ against a cancer specific antigen for its proprietary CAR T-cell therapy programs. Teneobio will receive an upfront payment, potential clinical milestones and royalties on commercial sales world-wide. Financial terms were not disclosed.