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Discovering and optimizing best in class human multispecific antibodies. Invenra is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering the next generation of best-in-class biologics, with an emphasis on monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), empowered mAbs (bi-specifics, ADCs, etc) and their derivatives. The startup is developing skin and brain cancer targeting antibodies based on its propriteary platform targeting OX40.

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Invenras proprietary platform is based on ultra-high throughput technology allowing function forward screening of full-length antibodies using Invenras mAbSeqTM technology, where antibodies can be directly and quickly interrogated in a multi-plexed fashion with a diverse set of immunotypic and biologically relevant assays. The Invenra technology allows rapid identification of high affinity mAbs with broad epitope coverage while simultaneously performing direct phenotypic screening to isolate those mAbs with the most relevant biological activity. B-Body_ is a novel bispecific format that can also be screened in large numbers using mAbSeq_ for bispecific combinations with desired phenotypic characteristics.

In Jan 2019, -Invenra Inc. and WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation)  collaborated to Discover and Develop Therapeutics to Fight Neuroblastoma in Children..The collaboration will use Invenra’s proprietary SNIPERTM technology to allow for precise targeting of the cancer cells while sparing normal nerve cells, and potentially alleviating unwanted toxicities and pain related side effects.

In May 2018, Exelixis, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXEL) and Invenra collaborate to discover and develop cancer targeting multispecific antibodies. Under the terms Invenra will be responsible for antibody lead discovery and generation, while Exelixis will lead IND-enabling studies, manufacturing, clinical development in single-agent and combination therapy regimens, as well as future regulatory and commercialization activities. In consideration for the exclusive worldwide license Exelixis will pay Invenra an upfront payment of $2 Mn plus $2 Mn at initiation of each discovery project. Invenra is eligible to receive payments of up to $131.5 Mn based on the achievement of specific milestones for any product containing a lead preclinical asset in the first indication. Upon successful commercialization of a product, Invenra is eligible to receive global milestone payments up to $325 Mn as well as single digit tiered royalties on net sales of the approved product.

In July 2017, Invenra collaborate with Merck (MSD), to discover fully human therapeutic antibodies against an unnamed target of interest to Merck on Invenras ultra-high throughput mAbSeqTM technology. Financial details of the deal remaines undisclosed.

In Feb 2017, Invenra and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (_QIMR BerghoferÓ), one of Australias largest, fully integrated biomedical research and development centres today announced a collaboration to identify and characterize a panel of fully human therapeutic mAbs against a novel target that QIMR Berghofer has identified. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

In June 2015, Invenra and Oxford BioTherapeutics (OBT) signed a deal to identify and characterize a panel of fully human therapeutic mAbs against a novel cancer target that OBT has identified utilizing its OGAPë discovery platform. Under the terms, OBT makes an initial payment to Invenra upon successful delivery of a panel of novel mAbs confirmed to meet mutually agreed design goals and specifications. OBT will be responsible for all further development of the therapeutic product candidates.

In Oct 2017, Invenra, raised $3.1 Mn in an undisclosed round from more than two dozen investors, which was part of a $6 Mn round the company plans to raise. Till 2017, Invenra raised $11 Mn before this undisclosed round of funding.