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HiFiBiO Therapeutics is an emerging multinational biotherapeutics company mobilizing the human immune system to combat disease. HiFiBiO Therapeutics is discovering and advancing novel therapeutic antibodies to target regulatory T cells and Myeloid-derived suppressor cells, through its comprehensive single-cell profiling platform; to treat cancer and autoimmune disorders. HiFiBiO Therapeutics has operations in Paris, France, Cambridge, MA, USA and Hangzhou, China.

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HiFiBiOs proprietary single-B-cell functional antibody discovery CelliGO_ platform enables to develop best-in-class therapeutics. Key platform advantages include: 1. Ultra-high-throughput antibody selection with millions of B-cells analyzed per campaign. 2. Unprecedented single-cell resolution and ability to differentiate hit diversity. 3. Deep mining ability of immune repertoire in a species agonistic manner. 4. Enable to explore challenging targets such as multi-transmembrane proteins.

In Oct 2018, HiFiBiO acquired H-Immune Therapeutics, an early-stage biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and development of novel immuno-oncology therapeutics. Specific financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In Oct 2018, Kite, a Gilead Company (Nasdaq: GILD), and HiFiBiO entered into a research collaboration and license agreement to develop technology supporting the discovery of neoantigen-reactive T cell receptors (TCRs) for the potential treatment of various cancers, including solid tumors utilizing HiFiBiOs proprietary single cell technology platform. Under the terms, HiFiBiO
received $10 Mn as an upfront payment and will be eligible for additional payments based on the achievement of certain research milestones. Kite will have an exclusive option to license HiFiBiOs platform to screen T cell repertoires and to identify TCRs for use in TCR engineered T cell therapies with a corresponding payment to HiFiBiO.

In July 2018, HiFiBiO signed multi-target agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical to enable the discovery of breakthrough antibody therapies to potentially treat various gastrointestinal diseases, cancers and other disorders. HiFiBiO will receive upfront, R&D, milestone, and royalty payments based on antibodies delivered to Takeda for development and commercialization. Specific financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In Aug 2015, HiFiBio announced of entering into research collaboration with Pfizer to develop new antibody therapeutics. The collaborative payment details to HiFiBio remain undisclosed.

In May 2016, HiFiBiO Therapeutics raised $37.5Mn in Series B financing round led by Sequoia China and LYFE Capital along with other investors that included Legend Star Capital and Proxima Ventures. Earlier in 2016, it raised undisclosed amount in Series A funding from Nest Bio Ventures.